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Top Performing Band - Month December '23

Varnam Band

The Band that Owned December’s Music Scene

In the world of music, where songs evoke emotions without words, there's a band that truly rocked December — Varnam. This group made up of incredibly talented individuals, has left an indelible mark on the music scene, captivating hearts and souls across Hyderabad.

Derived from the Sanskrit word meaning 'Color,' Varnam’s music is as vibrant as its name. Their musical journey, deeply rooted in cultural origins, transcends boundaries, welcoming a global audience.

Varnam’s success is rooted in the synergy of its members, each contributing their unique talent. First, Prateek Nag, whose vocals weave a spellbinding aura, makes the band's music feel magical. Sai Deva Harsha further elevates their performances with his skills as a lead singer and bassist.

Vinay Sasidhar, the band's third pillar, brings depth and richness to compositions through his expertise in keyboards and sound engineering. Sai Krishna G, the drummer and traveler, believes fervently in music’s healing power, infusing unparalleled energy into the band with his drums.

Archit, the guitarist, is hailed as a musical magician, adding enchantment with his strings. Arnab Borah, the sound engineer, draws from a wealth of diverse musical backgrounds. Nagendra Ponna, the band manager, not only steers the ship but is also considered a favorite among the band members.

In 2023, the band spread its wings, performing in countries like Dubai and the USA. With their exceptional talents and ongoing individual projects, HYLiveMusic hopes to see them reach new heights.

As December’s most played and visited band, Varnam isn’t just skilled in their artistry; they’re also uniting people through their music, creating an emotional bond among listeners across Hyderabad.

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Join us in celebrating the magic of music with Varnam!

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