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Top Performing Band - Month January '24

Band Project Arzoo:

Hyderabad's January Jam with a Fusion of Talent

As January 2024 kicks off, the talk of the town in Hyderabad is ‘Project Arzoo’. The city can’t get enough of their music, making them the go-to favorite band this month. With catchy beats and a soulful choice of melodies, Project Arzoo has struck a chord with Hyderabadis, creating a musical wave that’s hard to resist. Their music seems to be everywhere entertaining people of different languages.

Now that we’ve established Project Arzoo as the reigning favorite in Hyderabad’s music scene, let me take you on a closer journey to the heartbeat of the band - It’s talented members. Get ready to meet the faces behind the music, as we introduce you to the dynamic individuals who collectively make up the magic that is Project Arzoo.

Project Arzoo

Aditya Vardhan Reddy - The Multifaceted Maestro

At the forefront of the band is the incredibly talented Aditya Vardhan Reddy, who wears multiple hats as the vocalist, music composer, singer, songwriter, and guitarist. His versatility extends beyond just music, showcasing a diverse range of skills that contribute to the band’s unique sound and aesthetic. His soulful vocals resonate with fans, even those who may not understand the language, demonstrating the universal appeal of his music. 

Roshan Roy - Beats and Design

Behind the drums, we have Roshan Roy, an interior designer by heart. Much like a designer's meticulous attention to detail, Roshan’s drumming is characterized by nuanced intricacies, elevating the overall sound adding depth and and texture to Project Arzoo’s sound.

Yaswant Kumar Dontikurty - The Melodic Keys:

Yaswant Kumar, brings his unique flair to the band through his skills on the keys and infuses an enchanting atmosphere with each performance. His dedication to excellence embraces a wide spectrum of influences makes him an invaluable member of the Band Project Arzoo.

Abhinav Sunkari - Strings and Creativity:

Abhinav Sunkari, the guitarist of Project Arzoo, is a teacher and a continuous learner. His ability to showcase unique ideas and his take on music in movies with his guitar talent adds an extra layer of creativity to their performance.

Viddam Anunay Reddy - The Maestro’s Manager:

Ensuring the smooth orchestration of Band Project Arzoo is Viddam Anunay reddy, the band manager. His dedication to managing the band and organizing events reflects the professionalism and commitment that has propelled this band to the forefront of Hyderabad’s music scene.

Project Arzoo Hylivemusic


Band Arzoo’s January residency as Hyderabad’s favorite band is well-deserved, given the extraordinary talents that make up this musical powerhouse. As the city continues to groove to the beats of Band Project Arzoo, it’s clear that this band is not just making music; they’re creating an experience that resonates with the hearts of Hyderabad’s music enthusiasts.

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