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At HyliveMusic, we empower musicians and bands to thrive in their careers. With a deep understanding of the music industry's complexities, we offer tailored services to support your journey. From strategic guidance to practical solutions, let us help you reach new heights.

Legal Services

Writing a Legal document is very important to ensure you nor your band is exploited by band manager, co-band members or business venues.

Signing a Contract
Your first line of defence
written agreements

Band Partnership Agreement

The Band Partnership Agreement delineates roles, responsibilities, and revenue sharing among music band members. It establishes clear guidelines for decision-making and conflict resolution, fostering cohesion within the group. This essential document ensures harmony and professionalism, vital for success in the music industry.

Management Agreement

The Management Agreement outlines the professional relationship between an artist or band and their manager. It delineates the scope of responsibilities, including bookings, promotions, and career development strategies. This crucial document serves to protect both parties' interests while facilitating the artist's growth and success in the industry.

Registering Band Name

Registering your band name is a crucial step in establishing your identity and protecting your brand in the music industry. By officially registering your band name, you gain legal rights and exclusive use of the name within your territory. This not only prevents others from using the same name but also provides credibility and professionalism as you build your reputation and grow your fanbase.

Performance Agreement

The Performance Agreement is a vital contract that outlines the terms and conditions of a live performance between a performer or group and a client or venue. It includes details such as date, time, location, duration, compensation, and any specific requirements or provisions. This document serves to clarify expectations, protect both parties' interests, and ensure a successful and mutually beneficial event.

Independent Label License Agreement

The Independent Label License Agreement governs the terms of music distribution between an independent record label and an artist or band. It specifies details such as royalty rates, distribution channels, and marketing responsibilities, ensuring clarity and fairness for both parties involved. This contract serves as a vital tool for navigating the complexities of the music industry while fostering a mutually beneficial partnership between label and artist.

Independent Label Recording Agreement

The Independent Label Recording Agreement defines the terms for recording, producing, and distributing music between an independent record label and an artist or band. It covers crucial details like recording budgets, master ownership, and royalty rates, providing clarity and structure for the recording process. This agreement serves as a cornerstone for collaboration, ensuring mutual understanding and success in the competitive music industry.

Label-Shopping Agreement

The Label Shopping Agreement allows an artist or band to explore potential deals with multiple record labels before committing to a specific one. It typically includes provisions regarding the duration of the shopping period, confidentiality, and any obligations during the negotiation process. This agreement offers flexibility and leverage to the artist while ensuring transparency and fairness in label negotiations.

Mechanical License and Authorization for First-Time Recording of Song

The Mechanical License and Authorization for First-Time Recording of Song is a legal agreement granting permission for the recording and distribution of a song by an artist or band for the first time. It outlines the terms, including royalty rates, payment terms, and usage restrictions, between the licensee and the copyright owner or their representative. This crucial document ensures compliance with copyright law and facilitates the lawful creation and distribution of music recordings.

Artwork Agreement

The Artwork Agreement is a contractual arrangement between an artist or designer and a client, outlining the terms and conditions for the creation and use of visual artwork. It covers details such as project scope, deadlines, payment terms, ownership rights, and usage rights. This agreement ensures clarity, protects the interests of both parties, and provides a legal framework for the creation and use of artistic works, whether for commercial or personal purposes.

Model Release Agreement

The Model Release Agreement grants a photographer or artist permission to use an individual's likeness in photographs or videos. It outlines the terms of usage, compensation (if any), and any restrictions on how the images may be used. This document ensures clarity and legal protection for both the creator and the model.

Music Master License

The Music Master License is a legal agreement allowing the use of a recorded music master in various media. It establishes terms such as fees, duration, and permitted uses between the licensee and the rights holder. This agreement ensures proper compensation and permission for the use of the music master.

Music Sync License

The Music Sync License permits the synchronization of music with visual media like films or advertisements. It establishes terms including fees, duration, and permitted uses between the licensee and the rights holder. This agreement ensures proper compensation and permission for the synchronized use of the music.

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