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Uncover the inspiration and dedication fueling hylivemusic's journey. Dive into our About page to explore the vibrant tapestry of our story, mission, and values. 

Our Story

It all began with a couple of music enthusiasts who were passionate about live music and the vibrant cultural scene in Hyderabad. As we explored the city's nightlife, we realized that finding venues that played live music was not always easy. Despite the growing popularity of live music in Hyderabad, there was no central resource that could help people discover venues that feature live music. This inspired us to create a website that would serve as a comprehensive guide to the city's live music scene.

We worked tirelessly to research and compile a list of the best pubs, bars, and restaurants in Hyderabad that feature live music performances. Our team visited each venue to ensure that they offered a high-quality experience for music lovers. As we launched our website, we received an overwhelming response from people who shared our passion for live music. Our website quickly became the go-to resource for anyone looking to discover the best live music venues in Hyderabad.

Our mission is to help the youth of Hyderabad discover the best venues in the city to enjoy live music performances. India is a country with a rich musical tradition, and in recent years, live music has become increasingly popular among the younger generation. 

Our Vision






Long-term Growth

The Team

Raghavendra Alwala

Co-Founder and Designer

Amani Giri


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