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Climbers in Rock Wall

Milestones of Hylivemusic

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We at hylivemusic are striving day in and day out to bring you all the latest information about live music bands in all metro cities of India. With that said, do check out the latest music gigs below.

130+ Bands

We're collaborating with as many bands as possible, reaching out to more each day.

Our goal? Helping them promote themselves and soar to new heights.

Legal Services

Your band is a business. Recognizing this fact early on is crucial because it enables you to grasp how others, whether individuals or entities, might exploit you. Hylivemusic provides legal services aimed at protecting both you and your band.

Marketing Services

While talent is undeniably crucial, so is effectively marketing that talent. At Hylivemusic, we offer dedicated marketing professionals who will ensure your social media presence receives a significant boost, enhancing your visibility and reach.

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